Who we are
Founded in 2011, the RedCargo foundation conducts a dynamic fundraising program in order to microfinance entrepreneurs. It was born in the midst of the “Arab Spring Revolution”. RedCargo is apolitical but is a fierce defender to the rights and freedom to which all humans are entitled. In this optic our financing  is not guided by a political agenda but by the conviction to help those in need. Thanks to a productive partnership between our dedicated staff and passionate volunteers, the foundation can continue to deliver results.

Mission Statement
“To finance entrepreneurs of countries affected by political instability”


Focus and direction
RedCargo is driven by the goal set forth in its mission statement and is committed to the employment of all its resources – human and material – to the attainment of that goal.

RedCargo respects all points of view and strives to incorporate all of them into our working philosophy. We firmly believe that possible differences in political opinions and world views are a source of strength, not a weakness.

Trust and mutual respect
RedCargo believes that all interactions with donors, volunteers and team members should be driven by the doctrine of mutual respect. It is on this basis that we hope to build strong and lasting partnerships with our partners.

Responsibility and accountability
We remain committed to being fiscally responsible with regards to all funds given to us by donors, partners and investors. We uphold our utmost commitment to the maintenance of transparency in all actions of the company, especially those involving capital donated by our partners.

Political Neutrality/Non-Alignment
RedCargo is committed to the maintenance of its status as an apolitical organization. Our mission is to deliver humanitarian aid to those who need it most – the people on the ground suffering from the effects of political turmoil – regardless of the political views held by the members of RedCargo and/or the political views of the recipients of RedCargo’s humanitarian aid.

A Non-Discriminatory Environment
We believe in “strength in diversity”, and for that purpose we are dedicated to providing a business environment in which all are welcome to participate – regardless of age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, language or nationality.